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 Who we are

The Ciência Viva Club of the Infanta D. Mafalda School Group intends to establish itself as a space for articulating knowledge, based on the STEAM model, which is, the connection between the subjects of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. 

The more specific goals that guide the CCVnE of the AEIDM are the following:

·         encourage the active participation of students in experimental science teaching and scientific initiatives, such as lectures, workshops and field trips; 

·         boost a support network and partnerships in the Porto metropolitan area; 

·         contribute to the improvement of the scientific culture of the school community;  

·         promote scientific literacy and equal learning opportunities; 

·         promote the enhancement of the biological and geological heritage of the municipality of Gondomar; 

·         raise the awareness of the school community to the importance of scientific knowledge and problem solving in real life situations, in a circular economy perspective and nature-based solutions (Nature-Based Solutions).

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